Ideal location for scuba diving...

...and practice a few watersports.

A few meters of Playa Chica

Enjoy a coastal walk

Close to the gastronomical zone of El Varadero

Near to Biosfera Shopping Center

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Privileged situation

The strategic and privileged situation of the Pension Magec makes possible the combination of the rest and the accomplishment of a great variety of activities of leisure without having to waste time in displacement.

Enjoy Diving !!

About 100 meters from the Pension Magec, is a well known diving area where people are continually practicing the sport of diving.The 98% of divers who practice on the island of Lanzarote, they do in this area.

We are surrounded by a variety of shops and diving schools. We highlight theese:

Special prices for triathletes

We have special prices for triathletes through Triathlon Club Playa Grande:

Extensive leisure and gastronomic agenda

Besides diving, you can choose the Playa Chica, a small beach visited by persons residing in the town of Puerto del Carmen and ideal for families with children due to its calm waters.

Beside Playa Chica is the dike where attractions are hired watercraft (jet ski) or parasailing, fishing and commercial port in which to contemplate the work of fishermen or hire boat trips.

You can go shopping at modern Biosfera Shopping Center located a few meters away.

The Pension Magec is close to the Varadero area, turned into a large gastronomical area where you can enjoy lunch and dinner at various restaurants found there.

Furthermore, the proximity of several centers of interest ensures a broad agenda of leisure.